Musha Shugyo is a Legend of the Five Rings campaign

It uses 4th edition rules and breaks from the canon timeline.

It is the twilight of the fourteenth century.

Last year, Emperor Heiwa Haruki, first of his name, became divine. Heiwa Haruki is an advocate of the old ways. When a man could be measured by his word and deed and not the gold in his treasury. When bushido brought glory and not senseless war. When the Kami were honored and the people treated with compassion. After decades of economic collapse and near constant war, these are lofty ideals indeed.

As youths this is the Rokugan you find yourself stepping into. You have heard the old tales, the age of the romantic samurai. You are children of the age of Miya.

The year is 1397 and Rokugan is a very different place.

Musha Shugyo

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