Musha Shugyo

Kami Chameleon

Chapter One: Book of the Phoenix

The town of Okushiro in the Phoenix lands. The party pretend to be messangers to the Kaikawa. They bribe the mean bureaucrat and go in. Genma has increasingly bad headaches.

Okusshira is a port town. They hit it next. They opt to meet Kaikawa avoiding the temptation of the gambling houses as they go.

While Ryuki and Shun chat inside the trading house, Genma walks off after seeing Isawa Daichi wander the street. He is clearly mad. As is Daichi, who enters the shugenja Dojo via the guarded door..

Cut scene to Kage, a local bandit who is proving troublesome to Kaikawa’s business as well as that of a few others. He has a gang of about 12-15 men. The deal is simple. Get rid of him, get papers into the next town.

Genma meanwhile follows Daichi through the gate and discovers that the Phoenix Shugenja have all become addicted to a drug of sorts. A drug recommended by Sensei Taro.

Inside the school feels wrong and unsettingly quiet. The Ishiken have gone mad.

Shun and Ryuki meet Satoru at the Purple Turtle inn, outside of which a 3 man crucifixion takes place hosted by Shiba Hashi. Jurubai, a local man who is well loved, is one of the victims.

Word is there is a serial killer on the loose, strangling people. Unperturbed, Satoru grabs food to take to Takeshi who is awaiting Genma’s return.

Children knock food out of Satoru’s hand. He shoots the leader between the toes and pins his shoe to the ground. While the boys scatter, Satoru grabs the trapped child and takes him to a hungry Takeshi.

Takeshi sees a man light a flame of many colours. It seems odd. The man tells him that the kami are angry. He kindly explains,

“The kami have forsaken this town. They bel-” And then he dies. Suffocated.

As fate would have it, a gaurd patrol walks by. They attempt to arrest Takeshi for the man’s murder.

Quote File:

Nathan – “Shoot him in the void!”

Void referring to penis after a brief childish giggle moment.


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