Musha Shugyo

The Brewery

  • Genma, Satoru and Ryuki float to the brewery roof and they spot a guard at the wtower window;
  • The Shugenya seem quite inebriated;
  • Takeshi and Shun walk to the gate asking for jobs;
  • Miya Cho has a thin wire attached to his neck;
  • Shun and Takeshi go out of the inn and lock it behind them trapping the 4 gouards inside temporarily as Ryuki and Genmarain fir on the guards;
  • Hell breaks loose as Satoru breaks the thin wire while the guard tres to cut the cage rope to kill Cho;
  • Shun and Takeshi charge the two guards on Cho as Ryuki’s spell is ineffective against the enemy Shugenja that just came out of the tower;
  • Genma dazes Windygutsu;
  • Satoru’s arrow also misses the Windygutsu;
  • The Five begin to be overrun as things are looking a bit iffy;
  • The captain of the guards comes out as Cho frees all the prisoners;
  • Ryuki fries six men with a fist of OSano Wo;
  • Ryuki, Genma and Shun search the tower;
  • Shun finds a pouch in a hidden compartment. in it are paintings of the captain and a worn letter stating his orders;
  • The top floor is sealed in stone;
  • Genma manages to talk to an Earth Kami and lets him in. he finds the old Tamori’s bod and some papers.


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