Musha Shugyo

The Dragon camp

  • The Five Rings head back to the bandits to return the tea set;
  • Meet Irochi on the way and three of his people;
  • Return the tea set to a confused Irochi;
  • In the tavern, the dealer takes the tea set and fucks Ichiro off without paying him. It quickly escalates into a fight. A big guy tries to flee with the tea set. Ryuki pursues him and tries to stop him;
  • During the fight a samurai who was there in the first day comes down the stairs with his lady friend and watches;
  • When the fight finishes he speaks to the Five Rings. His name is Kumaio and he and his mistress, Sakura Nayo want to employ us.
  • We go with the two while Irochi takes the tea set back to its rightful owners;
  • Nayo Sakura wants to recruit us to join the Dragon rebellion. They lead us into the woods towards the mountain;
  • The group make camp near a shrine and notice the desiccated remians of animals, robably killed by the mists;
  • Tsuruchi realises that she is leading us in circles as Kumaio bursts shouting at her about a stupid plan to hop the rebels actually show up;
  • The mists show up and threaten to engulf the group but they manage to go to higher ground;
  • They hear a bell and are met by cowled people carrying hooked staffs with brass lanterns. the fog clears away from the lanterns. three days and nights later the group arrives at their destination;
  • The leader of the cowled men is named Tosu and takes us to a place called the temple of the eight blessings. massive megaliths created by erosion. They walk on top of the megaliths on to a huge plateau in the middle of which are tents for about 300 people, part camp part excavation;
  • Nayo and Kumaio are separated from the group and taken to a building. There are many Dragon clan mons and banners here;
  • THe Five meet an armored blind man, Mirumoto Masaki, one of the prioners they helped escape from the mines;
  • Tamori Hineko from the Topaz championship walks into the tent;
  • The Dragons are digging into the mountain and there are many artifacts . One of these was used to create the mists. They want the Five to help them. They request to get cleaned up and have their armor replaced or repaired;
  • Nayo shows up again, She seems to be a Ronin’
  • People carrying an old lady named Kichi come in. They want us to destroy her sister’s undead body and recover what she was excavating. The room is protected by three seals and in it is a jade bell. Fumiko, her sister, was impatient and got tired. The area of influence of the chamber is growing and time is of the essence.


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