Musha Shugyo

The Tower of the Tamori

Part Ichi

Sakura Naio is actually Isawa Naio. Fun fact, turns out she’s there to check out the “Resistance” for the Phoenix clan, who have been somewhat hampered by the Unicorn and would like to fund the resistance to ensure their attention is elsewhere.

Bayushi Ko. He heard there was a rebellion he decided he wanted to tag along to. The Dragon are uncertain about him so they ask Genma to mindread him. The Scorpion seems honest in his responses.

Miya Cho has made contact. The news reverberates amongst the heroes.

He has been kidnapped by the Unicorn.

Never a dull moment.

He is being held in a Tamori Tower and awaiting an escort sent by Moto Fume to return him to the false capital for sentencing. They gather some intel and set off.

They arrive to the tower and spot, hanging out of the second floor of the stables, a number of cages with people in side them. One of them is Miya Cho, confirmed by an ingenious bit of casting by Ryuki, who sends a magical homing pigeon to Cho. Once it hit the man in the cage, they knew it was actually him.

After careful hours of planning, the heroes came to no conclusive plan.

The saga continues.

Oh wait! They intercept the ronin leaving the place and get some info regarding how to walk right into the place pretending to be ronin looking for work. Sweet.

Meanwhile the other three decide to featherfall to the tavern rooftop for fiery vantage.

Quote file:

Gawain upon casting Featherfall on multiple targets: I cast on multiple targets

Green: You can’t do that. It’s only one target at a time

Gawain : Crap, I think I cast the wrong spell then.

Adam: This is bad news for whoever he cast the spell on.


abrimmer nbrimmer

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