Musha Shugyo

Chapter of the Scorpion

Where the heroes find themselves in a pinch.

The city of lies. The heroes discover this after being swindled out of five bu by some local guards. They head straight to the Blue Blossom Avenue where they have to meet Shosuro Kim.

Fun story about Kim. He’s dead.

Yamaha his wife informs the party of his recent murder and also mentions that his study was burnt to the ground too. The Kami never make things easy do they?

They consult the fire embers and he reveals that the eta secretary, Haruko was the one who set the fire.

Takeshi leads the group to his home where they kick in the door and subtlety demand to see him. He has fled but they discover that the foxes paid him to do the dirty deed. Upon leaving, the heroes are ambushed!

The Little Brothers are quickly dispatched of. ToshI, the sole survivor, informs them that their fire station is in this district. Kento, their boss, lives in the Merchants District.


abrimmer nbrimmer

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