Musha Shugyo

Miya Cho II

Dragon book ends - Pheonix book begins

During the journey backto the Dragon camp Cho asks about the Rebellion.
Shun questions Cho while Genma mind reads.
Back at the Camp Cho goes through the interview process.
After a day meeting and talking to different people around the camp Cho calls us to a meeting.
“The Means” are the ones in real control.
Seppun Yoi a courtier meeting a Gaigin or agent of “The Means” in about 3 1/2 weeks in the Pheonix lands.
After a couple of days Cho takes control of the Rebels.

Book of Dragon ends – Book of Pheonix Begins

Ryuki it is discovered has taint.
We meet an old lady along the road walk her home
She tells us that the mushrooms we ate were for the Kappa’s and that her son may be in danger.
We rush back to the river to find a man trying to cross.
After defeating the Kappa and helping the man cross, we discover his mother, the old lady, died years ago.


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